The Elder Law Practice Of Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones

At the Elder Law Practice of Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones, our goal is to make your life and the life of your family easier. We found out that with some planning, many of the things that your family had accumulated and worked for a lifetime will the protection for the future generations. Without proper planning, many of these family assets might get lost in a flash.

We know that you are here for a specific reason. Hopefully you can find the information that you are looking for here on this website. There’s a chance that something unexpected will happen to spouse or to one of your parents. And now it is time for you to act. With that in mind, we will cut directly to the chase. For FREE information click on the FREE REPORT link on any of the pages of this web-site. Then we will send it to you immediately.

For some people, protecting assets from Probate, Guardianship or Taxes is fairly simple and only requires straightforward estate planning. Others have more complex and immediate needs such as may occur in the aftermath of a heart attack, car accident, stroke or Alzheimer’s Disease. Many times these needs go beyond what we can “fix” with legal solutions. That’s where our Geriatric Care Manager can assist you to make sure that your loved one has the best care available, given the circumstances at hand.

Obviously, the more time a person has to plan, the better the results. However, when bad things happen, then we can assist the family with many issues. Even those that were not discussed among the family.