Head spinning? Plate already full? Worried about how to pay for Long Term Care?

If you have a loved one who is headed to a nursing home, or is already there and is paying for his or her care out-of-pocket – you need to see what’s in “The Workbook for the Barraged Boomers Guide to Nursing Home Crisis Planning!” This FREE DOWNLOAD is available via our homepage on this site. (Just click the “HOME” tab above.)

Most family members faced with the dilemma of paying for nursing home care already have a “full plate” – spouses, children, jobs…more things to do than can be done. Then Mom or Dad has a stroke or heart attack or receives a diagnosis of a progressive dementia such as Alzheimer’s, and needs to be placed in a skilled nursing facility as soon as possible. What now?

Complete the exercises in this workbook to discover ways to help your loved one pay for Long Term Care expenses. Contents include:

  • Planning…when it’s too late to plan.
  • The “Frank and Martha” example and summary – How a typical couple qualifies for Medicaid Long Term Care assistance while protecting assets from “spend-down.”
  • A table for YOU to calculate when your loved one could qualify for Medicaid assistance.


Even if your parents discussed doing some type of planning for years, but never got around to it, you, as the adult child, can make some kind of plan to at least partially honor their wishes. Even at the last minute (yes, even if your parent is already in the nursing home), you can often protect some assets from spend-down through Long Term Care crisis planning.

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