Are you one of the 30% in 2015? Do you have a game plan for the New Year?

We all know that an action plan is key in achieving our goals, but the American Bar Association has stated that 70 percent of us have done no estate planning at all. Those who have planned may only have a will, which does nothing to plan for incapacity.

I am always amazed when people tell me that the reason that they don’t do their estate planning is that they don’t know what to do – so they do nothing! People can hear many conflicting pieces of information, causing them to naturally balk and procrastinate.

Here at The Elder Law Practice, we help people plan at various points in their lives. Our hope is that our clients start the planning process early. Those who do their financial and estate planning early in life usually enjoy a distinct financial advantage – and peace of mind – over those who do not.

In the coming months, we will be discussing various types of planning techniques along with ways to possibly improve upon any plan that you do have. If you have no plan in place, I would encourage you to join the 30% Club © (our term for those who have planned).

For example, your game plan for asset protection may be to:

  1. Get your information together. (Here’s a personal information worksheet link to make it easy!)
  2. Call us at 501-843-9014 to set a time to discuss your options to protect as many assets as possible.

Or, you may have a parent or elderly loved one in a nursing home, or about to go. In this case:

  1. Read the Medicaid Myths series here on our blog.
  2. Download our FREE workbook for Nursing Home Crisis Planning here.
  3. Call 501-843-9014 to arrange a time to discuss protecting as many assets as possible – while finding the best care possible.

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