If your loved one is paying out-of-pocket for long-term care or is headed to a nursing home soon, you need to see what’s in our Guidebook. 


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Worrying about Losing Your Home for Nursing Home Care?

 redcheckmark-35hWorrying about How to Pay for Nursing Home Bills?

 redcheckmark-35hWorrying about Losing Your Savings for Nursing Home Care?


Stop Worrying! Protect Your Home and Hard-Earned Money!


Before you hire an attorney or sign any forms, please review this free information on the Medicaid Application Process and How to Pay for a Long-Term Nursing Home Stay.


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 Our typical guest is looking to find help with the issues of an aging parent or spouse – often in a crisis situation. When health declines to the point where a senior needs substantial help to perform daily tasks, a family has to work together to formulate a plan. Sometimes the plan involves just family members, sometimes it also includes professional home caregivers, and sometimes it requires facility care. 

Whether the reason for the decline is due to Alzheimer’s or another dementia, stroke or a serious physical condition, a family has many questions and concerns on how to find and pay for the right care. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction! 


We have several free resources available for immediate download:

 1. Via the “Books” Tab, we have four guides available. Although we have chosen to offer them free of charge, please don’t equate the cost with the value! Our attorneys have written each of these and have poured a lot of research – and our 30 year’s experience – into each of them. If you need help, this is the place to start.


a. Barraged Boomer’s Guidebook on How to Pay for a Nursing Home Stay


This guidebook offers information on the Medicaid application process and how to pay for long-term care – before you hire an attorney or sign any forms – and may help you determine how much your family can save through some basic planning, even at the last minute!


b. Barraged Boomer’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Planning


When the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s, everything changes. If you are the caregiver, you need help, support and information to equip you to make some good decisions for your family. This Guide is a place to start.


c. Barraged Boomer’s Guide to Medicaid Planning and Division of Assets

 When a loved one is going to a nursing home, Medicare may pay for a few days (100 or less), then you pay out of pocket (usually WAY too much), then Medicaid pays for the long-haul. However two things you should know (1) Medicaid is not automatic. You’ve got to apply for it and qualify for assistance; (2) You don’t have to spend down everything you’ve got to qualify for Medicaid. In many cases you can protect your home and save a substantial amount of money and other assets with proper planning.This book will help you better understand the process and equip you to make the best decisions possible for your loved one. 

d. The Barraged Boomer’s Guide to Alternatives in Care


No matter the reason, moving a loved one into a nursing home or other long-term care facility isn’t easy. Those involved are typically under great stress. This book is designed to provide you with answers to a number of questions such as: (1) What questions should I ask at the nursing home or assisted living facility? (2) What things about the facility or staff are “deal breakers”? (If you see them, RUN!) and (3) What is the appropriate level of care for my loved one?


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Douglas R. Jones
Cynthia Orlicek Jones
Attorneys at Law


About the Authors, Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones, J.D.


In addition to owning and managing a busy elder law practice, Doug & Cindy have both served as caregivers and advocates for their aging parents. This life experience, combined with the professional experience gained as a result of working with hundreds of families who are providing care and support for their loved ones, has given Doug & Cindy a unique ability to help clients sort through the “clutter and chaos” of caring for a loved one. To schedule a meeting with Douglas R. Jones or Cynthia Orlicek Jones,


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