Protect Your Loved One's Assets

An asset preservation plan to help you protect the home, keep as much money as possible, and have peace of mind that your loved one’s Nursing Facility care is paid for.

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“We’ll walk with you every step of the way till your loved one’s care is paid for by Medicaid.”

– Doug Jones


You’ll get proven strategies tailored to your specific needs.


Protect as many assets of your loved one as possible.


You’ don’t have to lose your property to Medicaid.

What makes the Elder Law Practice of Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones so different?

For 30+ years, attorneys Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones have practiced in the areas of Elder Law and Estate Planning. They have helped hundreds of Arkansas residents find the best possible care for their loved ones and have helped them preserve hard earned assets that would have otherwise been spent down.

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Most people do not know that there are laws in place to prevent spousal impoverishment should one spouse go to the nursing home, leaving a “well” spouse at home to fend for themselves. Additionally, most people find out (after the fact), that the law allows families to pass some assets at death to their kids, rather than watch it all be “spent down” just to get the care they need in a nursing home.

Don’t be like many folks that we have met after it all had been spent. Don’t be one of the ones who say, “If only we had known!”

Doug & Cindy have both worked as caregivers and advocates for their own Mothers who suffered a decline in health in their later years. They understand the stress that families go through in times of parent health care crisis.

“Let our family help your family save part of what they have worked so hard to accumulate.” Attorneys, Douglas R. Jones & Cynthia Orlicek Jones

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How Does This Work?

We’ll do an overall analysis of your loved one’s assets. This includes cash in their bank, their life insurance, their retirement accounts, their burial, the home, land, vehicles, etc.
We’ll craft a plan to suit your individual family’s needs. This will empower you to save as much as possible. We’ll give you options to protect what’s most important to you.
We’ll help you carry out the plan and prepare for Medicaid application. We’ll walk with you every step of the way till your loved one’s care is paid for by Medicaid.