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As you are actively helping your Elderly Parent plan, or are the Senior who is planning for yourself, we want to help you plan. The last place most people want to land is in a Nursing Home. Below, you will find a list of the 7 options that we have compiled to share with you.

  1. Do both Medical and Family Assessments
  2. Family Care Options
  3. Non-Medical Care Options
  4. Medical Care Options
  5. Live with Adult Kids
  6. Maximize the use of High- and Low-tech Aids in Mom’s Home
  7. Consider Community Options

1. Do Both Medical and Family Assessments of Momma.

It is important to learn as much as possible about her ability to perform tasks at home as soon as possible.  Find out whether she needs help, how much help she needs and specifically what type of help she needs. 

2. Family Care Options

It may very well be possible to provide the care she needs at home. This may involve the family coordinating their schedule so as to enable them to provide the assistance that Momma needs at home.

3. Non-Medical Home Care Options

Non-medical home care will help with meals, light housework, transferring Mom to chair, toilet, or back to bed. Use of these companies will often lengthen the time that Mom is able to remain at home.

4. Medical Home Care Options

If Mom has been in the hospital and was discharged to her home, her doctor may order a few hours per week of medical home health care plus necessary medical equipment to allow her to rehab successfully at home.

5. Live with Adult Kids

In some situations, mom can move in with the kids or the kids can move in with Mom. Obviously there is a lot here to consider. This is an easy situation to get into and sometimes hard to get out of. You will want to meet with an Elder Law Attorney before commencing such an arrangement. 

6. Maximize the use of High- and Low-tech Aids in Mom’s Home

Many things will keep Momma safer at home while allowing the kids to continue to work.  

  1. For High Tech Options, consider home security cameras, call buttons, automated prescription dispensers and simplified cell phone so Mom can communicate easier.
  2. Low Tech Options may include wheelchair ramps, rails grab bars in the bathroom, commode lifts, roll-in showers and walk-in bathrooms, widening doors (to allow for wheelchair passage).

7. Consider Community Options

A few Community Options are Adult Day Care, Senior Centers, Senior Public Transportation, home delivered meals, and short-term respite care. Some or all of this may be offered in your area. 

Next Step

The most important step is always to plan ahead. Answering the “where to go for care” question is a great place to start your planning. However, it is far from the only question that needs to be answered. It’s never too early to start planning! I can’t encourage you enough to contact your local Elder Law Attorney. Arkansas residents click here to set up a free 10-minute consultation.