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Just For Us Arkansas Folks!

We live and work in Arkansas. AND we know many of you personally. We thought that it was about time that we do a weekly newsletter just for Arkansas folks.  Many who are already receiving this newsletter are our friends and our clients.  We appreciate your long-standing loyalty and support.

The ELP Arkansas Newsletter will be sent each Thursday. We will discuss Arkansas issues that we commonly encounter as we travel around the state and talk with folks.  We highly encourage you to comment regularly with your questions, comments and your own stories. Always remember that we are here for your planning needs!

Please send us your questions that you would like for us to discuss in upcoming issues.  We really want to talk about topics that are important to fellow Arkansas folks! Tell us, please, what you are thinking about.

We can’t give specific legal advice in this newsletter or in response to your questions. However we can discuss general legal issues and Arkansas issues that affect all of us folks here at home.  Once you sign up, you can share any thoughts or questions by simply replying to the newsletter emails.

Twice the Love and Support for Arkansas Folks

This ELP Arkansas Newsletter will be in addition to the Help Me Help Momma newsletter that you may already be receiving. (If you haven’t, here’s the link: https://help.mom/cc)  As always, they are both free and both will have good information. 

We write both of these newsletters ourselves. We honestly put a lot of thought and work into them. Our goal is to make the contents as useful to you as possible.  As our community grows, we wanted to do something special and specific for y’all Arkansas Folks. We really appreciate your questions and comments.   AND if you know of a friend who would like to receive this newsletter, they can subscribe at https://elp.legal/arknews.

Arkansas Folks, thank you again for your support! Don’t forget to sign up to receive the newsletter we created just for you!

ELP YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  We have over a hundred videos there for your watching enjoyment.  They are categorized by playlist, so you should easily be able to find one or several videos that discuss exactly what you are looking for.  The best part about this is not only is this some really good content, but it is free!

Just click here to go to the Elder Law Practice YouTube Channel.  Please remember to subscribe and to click the notification bell by the subscribe button so you will be notified when we post another video.  If you have video ideas, please type them in the comment box.  Thanks for watching!

At ELP, we work to protect you!

We work with people to do various types of estate planning. There is no one size fits all plan and no plan is categorically better than others. The key is to meet with your attorney (hopefully us!) to discuss your unique situation and have a plan crafted that is best for you. If you or your declining parent is not 100% sure of their beneficiary designations, please be proactive and give us a call before you (or they) lose capacity.

Without a properly flexible plan, how will you care for your declining Loved One, be there for your family, get work done, and pivot in the event of a crisis? What about cost? How will you pay for it all? If you make the Assisted Living Facility choice, how long will the money last? Together, we can craft a proactive plan! Lets get started protecting your assets!

Disclaimer.  Regarding any legal topics covered in this edition: As always, I want to emphasize that (1) the law is different in every state, so if you live in a state other than us Arkansas folks, just know that the law may be totally different in your state; (2) your situation is unique, so one size doesn’t fit all – meaning what we discuss herein may not be right for you; (3) we have purposely over-simplified many of the topics above (otherwise this would be many pages long and unreadable because of all of the legalize).  It is imperative that you meet with your attorney (hopefully us!) and get a plan that will work for you.  Don’t try to plan based on what you read in this (or any) article AND don’t try to go it alone.  Please consider this, get your questions answered and take action.