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Learn About Nursing Homes, Medicaid, And How To Protect Your Loved Ones Assets

Spending It ALL Down to Qualify for Medicaid

We see many people spend their estate all the way down (close to zero) before they apply for Medicaid assistance to help pay their Nursing Home Expenses. Why do they do this? Many have been told this is just the way it is. The belief is, they must spend down to less...

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It’s Never Too Late for Medicaid to Pay

It’s Never Too Late! That’s the answer I give many of our clients when they ask whether it is too late to apply for Medicaid to help pay their parent’s Nursing Home expenses. However, I guess the one big unfortunate exception to that statement is “It’s too late when...

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Rehab – When Medicare Stops Paying

Some families don’t know what to do when a parent is suddenly discharged from rehab and Medicare stops paying. The big key in this situation is to be proactive. Ask questions and take action so you are not trapped in a payment gap. In this blog, we have laid out a few...

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Does Medicare Pay for Nursing Home Care

I’ve already got Medicare - does Medicare pay for Nursing Home Care costs? We’ve heard that question hundreds of times over the years. You probably already have a Medicare card which you use when you go to doctor’s appointments, for prescription drugs, for hospital...

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Getting Momma’s Stuff Together

When meeting with a Lawyer, Getting Momma's Stuff Together is typically half of the battle. Because of the amount of work it entails, it’s often the hardest part of the battle. When a parent goes to a Nursing Home, it’s even worse because you (the adult child) usually...

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