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Learn About Nursing Homes, Medicaid, And How To Protect Your Loved Ones Assets

Does Medicare Pay for Nursing Home Care

I’ve already got Medicare - does Medicare pay for Nursing Home Care costs? We’ve heard that question hundreds of times over the years. You probably already have a Medicare card which you use when you go to doctor’s appointments, for prescription drugs, for hospital...

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Getting Momma’s Stuff Together

When meeting with a Lawyer, Getting Momma's Stuff Together is typically half of the battle. Because of the amount of work it entails, it’s often the hardest part of the battle. When a parent goes to a Nursing Home, it’s even worse because you (the adult child) usually...

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How to Pay for Nursing Home Care

Spoiler Alert:  Don’t Pay until it’s all gone! You have done everything possible to keep Momma home as long as possible. Now home care is no longer working. And the doctors are telling you that Mom needs a Nursing Home level of care. You have resisted this move...

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Finding The Best Nursing Home For Momma

When finding the best nursing home for your Loved One, it often times goes something like this: Mom has started declining lately and you want to find the best possible care option for her. She has Alzheimer's and is no longer able to stay at home by herself. You and...

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3 Care Options for Momma

We often don’t think about care options until we need them.  This is particularly true regarding the care options for our parents.  When their health starts to decline and they need help, then care options become important to understand (immediately).  Hopefully you...

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