If you are a healthy, vigorous, senior and looking to get your estate planning “ducks in a row” you are in the right place.

ELP Presents, Bridge Of Life Planning Explained

You may have several reasons to want to get things in order while you can.  Perhaps you have witnessed sad events happen to your friends and neighbors who didn't plan. You may have witnessed families get wiped out by the high cost of Nursing Home care. You may not want your family to have to go through the hassles of probate court.  You may want to have things clear so that there is a greatly reduced chance of family in-fighting.  OR you may just realize that you aren't getting any younger and NOW is the time!


Douglas R Jones

Co-Founder and Partner with 20+ years of Elder Law experience

Cynthia Orlicek Jones

Co-Founder and Partner with 20+ years of Elder Law experience

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Bridge of Life Planning is...

The specific type of pre-planning that we do for many clients. This planning encompasses the 3 big topic areas:

1. Preferences

2. Financial Planning

3. Legal Planning

It is critical that all 3 areas be addressed.

We have seen many plans where one “leg of the stool” was missing, which caused a great fall.

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