If your Loved One is an Arkansas resident and they are in a nursing home now or are going to a Nursing Home very soon, you need to watch this 30-minute webinar.

ELP Presents, 7 Ways to Pay for Nursing Home Stay

In  this webinar we primarily discuss how to get your Loved One qualified for Medicaid benefits that will pay their Long-Term Care Nursing Home expenses. Medicaid is the government program that pays most Nursing Home expenses for most residence in every state.

However, the sad fact is that many people spend down way too much. Some people spend everything before attempting to qualify for Medicaid. It doesn't have to be this way!


Douglas R Jones

Co-Founder and Partner with 20+ years of Elder Law experience

Cynthia Orlicek Jones

Co-Founder and Partner with 20+ years of Elder Law experience

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Were you told that...

Momma has to "spend down" all of her assets to less than $2,000 before she will qualify for Medicaid?

If so, just know that this statement may be true, but is very incomplete

Please watch this webinar to discover how your family or how YOU as the Community Spouse can protect and preserve a large portion of her estate.  Rather than watching the money be “spent down” to the Nursing Home, take advantage of the legal protections offered and protect as much as possible. Dad & Mom worked hard to accumulate this money. Now it’s your turn to protect it!

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