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What are the things that’s bogging you down?

Happy Friday! I hope that you have had a good week. Springtime is in full bloom! We are doubly made aware by the yellow haze on everything. Many places are opening and restrictions seem to be lifting. Nothing prepares us better for change than some good spring cleaning!

I know that when you make a list of everything that you’ve got to do, it seems like a lot sometimes. You’ve got your own family, your job and now you are either personally providing care for the declining Senior in your life OR you are managing their care.

I equate this to a closet or garage that is brimming with stuff. Imagine it was already full to the brim, then you shoved even more in, hoping the door holds. It would either be very scary, or stuff would eventually pour out the doors. Spring cleaning has been forsaken for far too long!

That’s how life is sometimes – stuff is either piled up or is falling apart. Things you want and need to do are just not getting done because there is WAY too much on your plate.

Let me ask – what can you do this week to take some things off of your plate? What can you do to clear some of the mental clutter? How can you do some spring cleaning in your mind and life?

Next Step: Spring Cleaning!

Here’s a simple exercise will help you focus on the areas where you can make a big difference in your life and in the life of your Loved One.

  1. Make a list of everything that’s bogging you down. Go ahead and start writing – I’ll wait.
  2. Identify the items that you can’t do anything about. We can just let go of these since there is nothing we can do about them.
  3. Next make a list of the things you can do something about. Then put these things in priority order. Start at the top and take one step towards one thing done right now.

Obviously life is sometimes a bit more complicated than this. This simple exercise is surprisingly effective. Trust me, you will not regret it! We (me included) often get bogged down worrying about things that are totally outside of our control. It’s just like that forsaken closet or garage that we have been putting off much needed spring cleaning!

That time you spent worrying could have been spent much more productively working on a project where you could have made a positive impact in your life or in the life of a Loved One.

I hope this exercise helps you to make a positive difference today.

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